It is the "International Academy of the Contemporary Therapeutic Methods".

It is based in Montreal and offers seminars for manual therapy practitioners and practitioners of alternative medicines.

The mission of AIMTC is to study and teach some of the most powerful manual therapies, or, if we prefer, "somesthesy-therapies".

The somesthesic sense allows our body to perceive at every moment the informations coming from the interior and the exterior permitting the body to adapt to all these informations, at every moment. The somesthesic sense is sensitive to many types of stimuli : for example, the pressure on the skin, the position of the joints and limbs, or the body or brain temperature.

It seems as if the somesthesic system would be able to perceive absolutely all the informations coming from the environment and produced by the body itself, except those linked to the vision, the audition, the taste, the olfaction and the sense of balance (although some authors consider the sense of balance as a part of the somesthesic system).

The manual therapies, from osteopathy, chiropraxie, massagetherapy and of course the Niromathe method and the Bowen Technique and all other similar therapy use the somesthesic pathways. And this is also true for general exercises, yoga, pilates and other stretching or breathing exercise.

Thus, it seems essential to thouroughly study the somesthesic sense.

It is our mission. Through the learning of 2 extraordinary somesthesic methods, the Niromathe method and the Bowen Technique, the student gets in touch with the "touch therapies". Through the development and the teaching of continuing education classes like "the Hidden Pearls" (now in the Bowen Therapy program), the AIMTC allows the students to learn how a cutaneous stimulation (touch) can, through mecanotransduction, reach and affect deeply the Central Nervous System. These classes, "the Hidden Pearls" will eventually be available for practitioners of other therapies, as the basic physiological principles, from a therapy to another, stay the same.

T2202A forms are issued at the end of each fiscal year and courses offered by the school are exempt from GST and QST.

All seminars are taught in English, Spanish and/or French.


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