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The Curriculumcollagene

The complete training for professionals is done in 16 days, divided in four modules of four days. The procedures are presented in a logical order which allow the therapists to practice the Bowen technique immediately after the first four days. The therapists can expect results from the Bowen session right after the first 4 days. Continuing education classes are proposed on a regular basis..

AIMTC is the only school in Canada combining the teaching of the Bowen sequences with the anatomy and physiology related.

Professional training is open to all health professionals or manual therapy professionals. You must be able to show a diploma in physiotherapy, physiotherapy (MKDE), osteopathy, medicine or chiropractic.

Other therapists (massage therapists, naturopaths, naturopaths, homoeopaths, reflexologists, podiatrists and other alternative or alternative therapists) will have to pass a final exam to obtain the diploma: this is an additional two days where the trainee will have to show their practical and written skills.

The modules

Modules 1 Pro (4 days)

This first module puts a great emphasis on the importance of the basic relaxation moves. To better understand the Bowen therapy, we also need to konw about the somesthesia and the somatosensory pause. A few other procedures (ex: shoulders and hamstrings) are on the program and comprehensive guidelines to understand the importance of a good case taking.

Modules 2 Pro (4 days)

More procedures, like pelvic, sacrum, knee, ankles, elbow, wrists and more are on the program, plus the complete revision of the procedures learned in the first module. At this point, we will study the physiology of the muscle and the alkaline-acid balance in the body.

Modules 3 Pro (4 days)

We will study additional procedures for shoulders and the moves of the thorax plus many new procedures and review everything from the beginning. What is the autonomic nervous system and how Bowen sessions can affect it?

Modules 4 Pro (4 days)

The procedures taught in module 4 are very powerful. They are often used alone, using one or two moves only. All the strenght of the Bowen therapy show here its true value. This is the final module, where we learn the « cranial » and « visceral » procedures of the Bowen therapy. Stunning procedures. At the program there is also a review of the last 3 seminars

In total, from modules 1 to 4, there is about 90 procedures to learn.

Final exam (2 days)

The final exam is required for therapists of alternative or complementary medicine. Health and manual therapy professionals do not have to do this examination.

Examination dates are set when the interested group reaches 10 participants. This means that the trainee may have to wait until the end of another group in order to accumulate enough participants. The names of Bowen therapists will be entered in the iBowen registry (Free App in App Store) after successful completion of the exam.


The pedagogic material

A complete explanation manual (between 120 to 150 pages depending of the module) comes with each module.

The anatomy book: « Trailguide to the Body », Andrew Biel, ISBN # 978-0-9826634-0-0 It is the best anatomy book to learn palpation, available in English, in French and in Spanish. It is the reference book for AIMTC and mandatory for AIMTC students.

Several videos will be used to better understand the body from inside.


Get prepared for the class:

What you should bring to the class:

  • Color pencils or markers (about 12 different colors).
  • Comfortable clothing; we will work on the skin, bring what you need to be at ease.
  • Blankets or sheets; pillows if you need.
  • Nail clippers (we will be very strict on that point)
  • Water
  • Happiness

What you should leave at home:

  1. Stress; let's have fun while we learn.
  2. Preconceived ideas; empty your mind to leave some place for new ideas.
  3. Cell phones: or at least, let them only vibrate.


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Get prepared for after the class:

Chances are high that you want to ajust your way of doing the Bowen moves after this seminar. Try not to book to many people at the same time at your clinic. Your desire will be to work slower.

On the opposite, if your practice is still slow, chances are high that you want to do more Bowen treaments to experiment. Try to book a few persons each day for after this seminar.


One of the secret of the efficiency of the Bowen therapy is in the pause. But what happens during this pause?