The Niromathe® Method

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NIROMATHE® Method is coming from India and Europe. R.Renard, bonesetter from Pas de Calais (North of France), learned this method in the Balkans. There, most of the bonesetters worked the same way on the nerves, tendons and ligaments. They kneaded lax tissues. They made lymph, energy, pulsate again. Their common point was to stay soft, superficial, not use curt manipulations like "make bones crack". After 10 minutes, their patients were miraculously healed thanks to the method.

Some of these bonesetters were worldwide well-known.

Created in 1997, NIROMATHE® Method is a real revelation and the beginning of an exiting activity. NIROMATHE® Method is easy, soft, painless, for everybody (from the baby to the elder), quick (10 minutes), practical, freed from risks and efficient instantly.

Many osteopathic techniques tend to stimulate specific areas : Dicke technique, Knap, Chapman, Goodheart, Vogler, Moneyron, Bowen..., and also acupuncture (Ah Chi points). The NIROMATHE® Method associates a stimulation of these points with a traction of the skin. In some aspects, this method could be similar to the technique of Janet Travel who was associating a xilocaïne injection in these points with a muscle traction.


The work is based on the manipulation of the skin.


While the osteopathic lesion is forming, cutaneous and subcutaneous points are removing. This state can stay for years.


The reorganization of these points by a short, quick and polarized cutaneous vibration leads consequently to a disappearing of these osteopathic lesions.




Raymond Branly, MD, ostéopathe:

"NIROMATHE® method is the most elaborated osteopathic method that I know. NIROMATHE® method is:  

  • Easy to practice. 
  • Can be used by women, often afraid by the some rude methods (chiropractic, myotensive, Jones...).
  • Painless. 
  • Asymptomatic (no counter-indications nor side effects). 
  • Quick.
  • For all the osteopathic lesions, no exception.  
  • For all ages (from the new-born to the oldest).
  • Immediate: the patients have always an improvement of their state up to 75% at least."


    At the same time as an osteopathic lesion is constituted: a mechanical blocking responsible of an osteo-articular and visceral congestion, a subcutaneous lymphatic collecting occurs on the “key” points. The detachment of these points allows in return, a lifting of the generating spasm of the osteopathic lesion. 

    Dr Raymond Branly

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The founders


Thierry Vandorme DO



Dr Raymond Branly



Method NIROMATHE® was born from collaboration of Doctor Raymond Branly and Thierry Vandorme.


25 years of practice, observation, research, and experiments made it possible to discover some concepts and develop the NIROMATHE® Method.


A complete description of the method and the biographies of Raymond Branly and of Thierry Vandorme can be found at:


Registration to Niromathe classes


30% of the cases are immediately improved (no associated ignition). 


In 30% of the cases, the cure happens 3 days later; in 30% of the cases, eight days later (necessary delay for the disappearance of the ignition). Indeed, the ignition is the consequence of blockings.  


If a complete releasing is not acquired, a second or a third meeting will be necessary (chronic cases in particular).


There is still 10 to 20% of failures beyond 3 meetings. There are complex cases (micro osseous or cartilaginous fractures associated), patients under tranquillizing or multi-operated patients.