Bowen Therapy

The Bowen therapy is a fantastic manual therapy, which deserves proper recognition.

We need to study to better understand what physiological events underlie the efficacy of this therapy.


A bit of history

Thomas Ambrose Bowen was born in Australia in 1916. In the early 50's, he noticed that his wife's asthma attacks, which often required hospitalization, varied significantly in accordance with her nutrition. After years of a sound diet, and the soft tissue manipulations which he had perfected over time to alleviate her suffering, Jessie no longer needed drugs or hospitalization.

During this period, he met with Ernie Saunders, a renowned manual therapist. This collaboration marked a turning point in his life. Over the course of his numerous meetings with Saunders, Bowen developed treatment techniques that would later bear his name. Self-taught, Bowen studied anatomy and, step by step, experimented constantly; he developed a unique method that allowed him to treat colleagues suffering from severe back pain.

He first adopted the title of osteopath, as he believed that this was, in fact, what he was doing. Later, when that designation became reserved, he elected to describe himself as a "manual therapist." As his reputation grew, he drew the attention of many health-care professionals interested in this new method. Amongst these observers were a massage therapist, Oswald Rentsch, four chiropractors, Keith Davis, Nigel Love, Kevin Neave and Romney Smeeton, and an osteopath, Kevin Ryan.

But, what is the Bowen Therapy?

The Bowen Therapy is a neuro-muscular reflex therapy. Like in other reflex therapies, the role of the spindle cells and other skin, muscle and joint receptors are primortial. A major difference ,allowing a better integration of the information and giving to the results a durable aspect, is the pause, present and necessary, between each sequence of "Bowen moves".

The therapist must use finess and precision.

Thus, the Bowen Therapy is a holistic manual therapy, which proposes very soft challenges on muscles and soft tissu; it brings amazing results considering the intensity of work accomplished by the therapist. Its slogan "less is more" takes all its sense.

Reading "the Little Bowen Book" will bring you much more information. Click here for a free download in pdf format.


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The Bowen therapy does not aim to “treat” specific conditions, but rather to stimulate the human body to activate its own healing mechanisms.


In no instances are Bowen therapists authorized to provide diagnoses; clients must consult their doctor to have their condition evaluated.


The Bowen therapists should never interfere with prescribed medical treatments.



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